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How did I even get to this?

I remember when I hit teenage years, diaries were a huge deal. Then came Wordpress, followed by all sorts of social media. I always felt like putting my 'thoughts on paper' though. What started with keeping a diary, led to my first blog and then another blog, and then the third attempt of blogging when I decided to move to UK and go to University. I was naive thinking I will keep up the blog...or studies for that matter, but that is a story for another sunny day.

One thing led to another, social media took over and we all turned to Facebook, before Instagram took over and I decided to leave Facebook and the rainy UK behind me and travel to Cyprus, fall in love and never look back (yes, another story for a sunny day).

Little did I know, I will be back in University, back in UK (Scotland this time) and few jobs and my gorgeous baby girl later I'll decide to divert my attention to vlogging. You know...blogging is for the lame.

And yet here I am, haha. Who am I kidding - I love to write. I love to get my thoughts across and writing helps me clear my headspace.

So, buckle up, as I have quite few stories to tell. And no, this is not another mum blog. I have no clue what will come out of this, but I can promise you it won't be 'how to raise your children'. Let's be honest - I am really just winging it!

Zanè xo

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